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Challenging today. Reinventing tomorrow.

At Jacobs, we make the world smarter, more connected and more sustainable.

Together, we’re pushing the limits of what’s possible. We stay ahead to create the new standards our future needs.

Black squareChallenging today is our response to the increasing complexity our world is experiencing.

It calls on us to join forces, putting our knowledge and imagination together to reinvent the way we solve problems and shape the next generation of innovative solutions.

Black squareReinventing tomorrow is our promise and an invitation to raise the bar in everything we do.

From the brilliant solutions we create with our clients, to the open and inclusive culture we create for our people. From the positive difference we make in our communities, to the added value we deliver to our shareholders.

We tackle the world's toughest challenges

The world needs innovators and problem solvers who turn challenges into greater opportunities. We have an insatiable curiosity about transformative trends challenging the status quo: Clean water. Affordable energy. Connectivity. Climate change. Environmental pollution. Economic growth.

New York City


Robust infrastructure establishes the backbone of productive, economically strong communities as assets essential to commerce, trade, public safety and quality of life.




As global supply and demand for water intensifies, solving the world’s most complex water challenges demands different thinking – and that’s where we come in.


Beautiful sunset


Sustainability at Jacobs means ensuring long-term business resilience and success while positively contributing toward the economy, society and the environment.


Satellite orbiting Earth

... and beyond

Learn how we create critical solutions for a more connected, sustainable world.

Go further

Worldwide recognition for our work


World's Most Admired Company, Engineering, Construction category,
Fortune Magazine


Top 500 Design Firms,
Engineering News-Record


Top Consultant for Environmental Health & Safety Digital Vision and Strategy, Verdantix

What if...?

We transform intangible ideas into intelligent experiences.

We seek out the advantages that technology brings in speed, efficiency, impact and creativity with a mindset of continuous evolution and growth.

What if we showed you how we’re using drones and geo-data to detect and defend against real-time threats? Or how we’re working to streamline your commute, from intelligent transit to self-driving cars?

Ask "What if...?"

Together, we are building a new Jacobs; inclusive of diverse people, capabilities and perspectives. We are winning in the marketplace, capturing attractive growth opportunities for complex work we are uniquely positioned to perform.

Steve Demetriou
Chair and CEO
Woman and man looking at Replica simulation on computer screen


Digital Twins and Smart Decisions

Whether it’s putting money into your retirement fund or daily exercise to slow the effects of aging, preparing for the future depends on smart, informed decision-making today.

What if we showed you how Jacobs’ Replica? digital twin software helps clients plan how their integrated and multi-component resource systems – from drinking water supply to energy generation – will operate with and affect each other in the future?

Discover how

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